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Circular Reflections

Selected Papers on Group Analysis and Psychoanalysis

Malcolm Pines
Foreword by Saul Scheidlinger
Introduction by Earl Hopper

Number 1 in the International Library of Group Analysis series

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1997, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 240pp
ISBN: 978-1-85302-492-4, BIC 2: JMAF JMH MMJT

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1997, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 240pp
ISBN: 978-1-85302-493-1, BIC 2: JMAF JMH MMJT

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'Malcom Pines, a British psychoanalyst, is a disciple of S.H. Foulkes, the pioneer of group analysis. He was a founder of the Group Analytic Society and the Group Analytic Institute. A superbly lucid exponent of Foulksian theory, he edits the journal "Group Analysis", has edited books, written chapters and numerous papers. This selection of his papers is the first book devoted to his work alone. The subjects chosen include mirroring in the group and in child development; the borderline patient in the group; dissent and schism in the psychoanalysis and group analysis, as well as a history of dynamic psychiatry in Britain. One paper is on the sense of self and its continuity, while perhaps the most fascinating is entitled `What Should a psychotherapist know?' It is no coincidence that `group analysis' precedes 'psychoanalysis' in the subtitle: Pines considers it important and effective. This raises some questions; How can group members, themselves disturbed, help one another? How can group therapy be conducive to individuation? Pines' style is unique; based on arguements carefully constructed with the building stones of psychoanalytic theory, illuminated by sociology, philosophy, and by human understanding, it takes wings with literature and mythology. This book is a pleasure to read and re-read.'

- Psychoanalytic Studies

'This book is a wonderful testament to the outstanding work of an outstanding scholar, Malcom Pines. Collected by his colleague and friend, Meg Sharpe, this medley of papers by Dr. Pines not only offers a review of his considerable contributions to the field of group therapy and group analysis, but it also offers a warm and touching picture of the man himself - Throughout the text we are able to see the author's growth from superb student of his mentor (Foulkes) to brilliant independent theoretician... we are awed by Dr. Pines' comfortable familiarity with poetry and classic Greek literature and his ability to illustrate his points with both. The early articles show Pines' deep and early interest in the complex process of mirroring - both as an aspect of development and a tool of therapeutic change. He reminds us that Winnicott pointed out that "psychoanalysis has neglected the face in favor of the breast" (p.27)... I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from this book. Though covering a wide range of topics, there is a coherence to the book because it is all comprised of the work of an estimable scholar. There is also a bibliography of Pines' writings, which makes it a valuable addition to your library.'

- Israel Journal of Psychiatry

'Pines has selected a dozen articles from his lectures and extensive writings to include in this brief volume. Two had not been previously published. The initial section focuses on group analysis. The papers on mirroring and coherence I consider classics. The succeeding sections are a joy. Pines expands our awareness if the less obvious influences...The historical articles have a particular timeliness, as psychotherapy feels under siege.... In this collection of articles, Pines's integrative skills are not focused on clinical examples. Rather, he brings together diverse ideas, as he demonstrates in describing certain parallels in cultural/social change and Freud's career ambitions. This book is a gem. It is elegantly written. It will stimulate. I found myself reconsidering some of my own working ideas. Malcolm Pines has broadened our landscape. This book is well worth reading and rereading.'

- International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

'This book's modest title fails to convey the uniquely erudite, creative and wide-ranging nature of its contents. In this collection of lectures and essays by Malcolm Pines, a distinguished British psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and group therapist, all mental health professionals will find an amalgam of cogent philosophical, sociological, historical and psychological insights amassed over a period of four decades.'

- Group Analysis

'This book is a gem. It is elegantly written. It will stimulate. This book is well worth reading and re-reading.'

- from the Foreword by Saul Scheidlinger

'The papers cover the wide range of Pines' interests and scholarship including work on the phenomena of mirroring in groups, borderline processes and historical aspects of psychotherapy.'

- Group Analysis

'For many, Malcolm Pines personifies the institution of group analysis. He was one of the founders of the Group Analytic Society and the Institute of Group Analysis, and in this selection of his papers the depth of his mastery of social science, enriched with his knowledge of literature and philosophy, is clear. The collection includes work on the development of the psychoanalytic movement, its historical context, and the relationship of dynamic psychotherapy to psychoanalysis; and also focuses on mirroring, child development and healing.'

- Changes

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