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Persona and Performance

The Meaning of Role in Drama, Therapy and Everyday Life

Robert J Landy

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1993, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 250pp
ISBN: 978-1-85302-230-2, BIC 2: AN MQTC
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Preface. A journeyer to the spiritual mount. 1. The Origins of Role. Hamlet's soliloquy and the paradox of drama; Role ambivalence; The origins of role in drama/theatre; The origin of role in the social sciences; The origin of role in art and literature; From role metaphor to role concept. 2. The Development of Role. The human being as role recipient; The human being as role-taker; The human being as role-player; The role system. 3. The Drama Therapy Role Method. The invocation of the role; The naming of the role; The playing out/working through of the role; Exploring alternative qualities in sub-role; Reflecting upon role-play: discovering role qualities, functions and styles inherent in the role; Relating the fictional role to everyday life; Integrating roles to create a functional role system; Social modeling. 4. The Case of Michael. The treatment: Beginnings; The three bears; The Lawyer; Black rage; The boy who learned to burn; Fathers and sons; The judge and the raincoat; The mask of the actor; The critic; The blind girl; An integration. 5. The Case of Michael Part II. The kiss; The wooden clogs and the rubber boots; The marriage proposal; The glass heart; Bugs; More glass; Me vida abajo (My life down there); The confused searcher; The beat of black wings; My father's body; Mickey and Jake: you dream at your own risk; Victor/victim; The ring; Postscript. 6. The Case of Hansel and Gretel: An Example of a Drama Therapy Group. Implications of the role method for diagnosis; Evaluation. 7. Role in Everyday Life. Role type and archetype; Somatic roles; Cognitive roles; Affective roles; Social/cultural roles; Spiritual roles; Aesthetic roles. 8. A Taxonomy of Roles: Building a Theatrical Archetype System. The form of the taxonomy: The taxonomy of roles. 9. The Taxonomy: Cognitive and Affective Domains. Domain: cognitive; Domain: affective. 10. The Taxonomy: Social Domain Domain: social. 11. The Taxonomy: Spiritual and Aesthetic Domains. Domain: spiritual; Domain: aesthetic; The use and significance of the taxonomy. 12. Conclusion. References. Appendix.

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