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Person-Centered Diagnosis and Treatment in Mental Health

Person-Centered Diagnosis and Treatment in Mental Health

A Model for Empowering Clients

Peter D. Ladd and AnnMarie Churchill

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2012, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 352pp
ISBN: 978-1-84905-886-5, BIC 2: MBPK MMH MMJ

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'This book succeeds in its goal of offering an alternative model of mental health diagnosis and treatment that enhances the medical model with a client empowerment model. The authors provide a strong argument for the importance of a client empowerment approach. The book is unique in its inclusion of diagnosable disorders, and another strength is the inclusion of client and practitioner questions to guide the diagnosis and treatment process in a way that is empowering.'
-- Donald Linhorst, Director of the School of Social Work, Saint Louis University, USA

'Person-Centered Diagnosis and Treatment in Mental Health illustrates the value of a collaborative, ethical and empowered approach to mental health practice. Departing from the traditional medical model which flattens complexity for the sake of diagnosis, Ladd and Churchill offer clear and helpful guidelines for creating a holistic, humanistic and nuanced approach that foregrounds the humanity of people coming for treatment and the importance of humility and a collaborative vision for practitioners.'
-- R. Danielle Egan, Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies, St. Lawrence University, USA

'I have no doubt that this book will enhance the clinical training and practice of counselors and other helping professionals. I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact of a person, rather than clinician-centered, orientation to helping. The subsequent focus on mental health patterns and symptoms, rather than disorders, provides a practical focus for clinicians on how to work with, rather than on, their clients. The cases provided in this book are outstanding.'
-- Elizabeth A. Mellin, Ph.D., LPC, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education, The Pennsylvania State University, USA

'This resource is a reference manual for diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions using a person-centred, holistic approach.' - Counselling Today.