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Teaching Your Child with Love and Skill

Teaching Your Child with Love and Skill

A Guide for Parents and Other Educators of Children with Autism, including Moderate to Severe Autism

Joyce Show

Paperback: £15.99 / $24.95

2012, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 400pp
ISBN: 978-1-84905-876-6, BIC 2: VFX VFJD JNSG2

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'Show interweaves her own experiences, drawing on her son Peter and this not only helps to explain what she is saying but also enlivens the text and makes one feel less alone in what can be an exhausting process... this is a well researched, well written and practical guide to helping an autistic child which plays to the child's strengths.'
- asteens

'This lovely book offers an intimate story about raising Peter, a child with autism. Joyce's warmth and insightful reflections are inspirational, and her wisdom will provide reassuring guidance for many. Love, joy and faith triumph over the many hurdles they encounter.'
- Diane Cullinane, M.D., Developmental Pediatrician and Executive Director of Pasadena Child Development Associates, Inc., California, USA

'This book is an incredible resource for anyone who has a child with autism or who works with a child with autism. This is the book I wish I'd had when I first started working with my child. This book would have been invaluable in supplementing the work that others were doing with my son. Joyce gives practical and concrete examples of HOW to work with your child not just what needs to be done. This book addresses a hierarchy of skills needed for children who are severely impacted with autism to children that are high functioning. I am going to give this book to everyone who works with my son. I will use this book as a constant reference as my son gets older and acquires new skills. This is the absolute best book, most inclusive book, most practical book regarding working with children with autism that I have ever read.'
- Kathy O'Rourke, parent of a child with autism and special education specialist, College View School, California, USA

'With love, grace, and skill, Joyce Show shines a light of hope and healing during a time for families which is often filled with uncertainty. Whether you are personally touched by autism or not, you will be transformed by Joyce's devotion as a mother and her commitment to improving the lives of others.'
- Gwennyth L. Palafox, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Director of Meaningful Growth, California, USA

'A work that is well researched and detailed: Joyce Show shares her extensive knowledge of autism gained by teaching her autistic son, Peter. But this book contains much more than a personal encounter with autism; it is also a structured and comprehensive teaching manual that can be used by parents seeking to develop essential skills for their autistic children within a home setting.'
- Penny Kershaw, autism manager and outreach service leader for a special school in East Sussex, UK, author of The ASD Workbook: Understanding Your Autism Spectrum Disorder

'Joyce Show's comprehensive and profound command of the subject matter, as well as the different treatment modalities, is infused with the love, compassion and the understanding that can only be mustered by a parent. She also accomplishes what few other books on autism have, which is to seamlessly use each modality as a tool without the rigid dogmatism that pervades books written about a particular therapeutic method, creating a truly holistic educational approach. It is sure to become an indispensable guide and a beacon for parents on their autism journey.'
- Anita Ghazarian, O.D. parent of a child with autism, California, USA