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From Anxiety to Meltdown

From Anxiety to Meltdown

How Individuals on the Autism Spectrum Deal with Anxiety, Experience Meltdowns, Manifest Tantrums, and How You Can Intervene Effectively

Deborah Lipsky

Paperback: £13.99 / $19.95

2011, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 240pp
ISBN: 978-1-84905-843-8, BIC 2: JM JNSG2 VFX

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Anxiety is the root cause of many of the difficulties experienced by people on the autism spectrum, and is often caused by things such as a change in routine, or sensory overload. Deborah Lipsky takes a practical look at what happens when things spiral out of control, exploring what leads to meltdowns and and tantrums, and what can be done to help.

Drawing on her own extensive personal experience and using real-life examples to explain how autistic people think, the author distinguishes between meltdowns and tantrums, showing how they are different, how each can begin, and most importantly, how to identify triggers and prevent outbursts from happening in the first place. Practical and simple solutions to avoiding anxiety are offered throughout, and these are accompanied by calming techniques and suggestions for dealing with tantrums when they occur.

This book will be an essential read for those on the autism spectrum, their families and friends, professionals working with them, and anybody else with an interest in autism spectrum conditions.

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JKP attends the NAS ‘Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviour’ Conference in London

7 July 2011

JKP attended The National Autistic Society’s conference on Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviour held at Kensington Town Hall in London on the 6th July. The JKP stand was extremely popular and received many visitors particularly at lunchtime when John Clements signed copies of his JKP books, including People with Autism Behaving Badly: Helping People with ASD Move On...

From Anxiety to Meltdown – An Interview with Deborah Lipsky

30 June 2011

"once people understand meltdown triggers and why they occur the enviroment can be modified to help reduce the number of meltdowns. And more compassion instead of critism can be offered to us because we feel awful afterwards; feelings of remorse and regret are common because we didn't want it to occur. It isn't like we have a "quota" of so many meltdowns we need to have in a day. It just happens due to overwhelming factors beyond our (the autistic person's) control."

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