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Art Therapy and Postmodernism

Art Therapy and Postmodernism

Creative Healing Through a Prism

Edited by Helene Burt
Foreword by Joy Schaverien

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2011, 246mm x 173mm / 10in x 7in, 392pp
ISBN: 978-1-84905-253-5, BIC 2: MQTC MMJT

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Foreword: Current Trends and New Research in Art Therapy: A Post Modern Perspective by Joy Schaverien, Jungian Analyst and Art Psychotherapist, UK. Introduction by Helene Burt, Executive Director, Toronto Art Therapy Institute, Canada. Part I. Postmodern Art Therapy Practice. 1. Multiple Perspectives; Art Therapy, Post Modernism and Feminism. Helene Burt, Executive Director, Toronto Art Therapy Institute, Canada. 2. Seeing the Whole Picture: A Culturally-Sensitive Art Therapy Approach to Address Depression amongst Ethnically-diverse Women. Anu Lala, Art Therapist, Women's Health in Women's Hands, Canada. 3. Earthworks: Emergence of Personal Healing and Social Activism; The Power of Postmodernism Integrated with Arts Therapies. Gillian Vellet, Art Therapist, Massage Therapist, and Biodanza Dance Movement Facilitator, Canada. 4. Post-Modernist but Not Post-Feminist! A Feminist Post-Modernist Approach to Working with New Mothers. Susan Hogan. 5. Contemporary Art Therapy with Transient Youth. Annette Coulter, Art Therapist, Art Educator and author, Centre for Art Therapy Studies, Australia. Part II. Postmodern Art Therapy Practice in the Community and Globally. 6. The "Five and Dime": Developing a Community's Access to Art-based Research. Janis Timm Bottos, Department of Creative Arts Therapies, Concordia University, Canada. 7. Out of the Fire: Women Survivors of Violence Use Clay as a Medium for Social Change. Suzanne Thomson. 8. Seeds of Hope: Art Therapy in Culturally Diverse Contexts in Bolivia; Supporting the Development of Integrated Educational, Cultural and Economic Strategies. Marcelle Edwards, CUSO Canada. Part III. Postmodern Art Therapy Research. 9. Art Therapy Research for Cancer Symptom Management; A Postmodern Perspective. Nancy Nainis, Art Therapist and Psychotherapist, USA. 10. Chaos and Meaning; Form and Content in the Scribble Process. Mehdi Naimi, Visual Artist and Art and Play Therapist, Canada. 11. Phenomenological Research and Combined Art Therapy and Dance/Movement Therapy with Children, Adolescents and Adults. Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Alberta Creative Arts Therapy Center, Canada. 12. Towards Babel: Language and Translation in Art Therapy. Jamie Bird, University of Derby, UK. 13. Witnessing and Visibility: The Experience of Self During the Recovery Process of Six Women with a History of Child Sexual Abuse Who Utilized Art Therapy in Their Recovery Processes. Helene Burt, Executive Director, Toronto Art Therapy Institute, Canada. Part IV. Postmodern Art Therapy Theory and Epistemology. 14. Aesthetic Listening: A Reggio Inspired Studio Research Paradigm for Art Therapy. Shelly Goebl-Parker, Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and Research Partner of the St. Louis Reggio Collaborative, USA. 15. The Art Therapy Assemblage. Pamela Whitaker. 16. When the Image Strikes: Postmodern Thinking and Epistemology in Art Therapy. Josée Leclerc, Associate Professor and Director of the Art Therapy Graduate Program, Concordia University, Canada. Contributors. Index.