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Getting into the Game

Getting into the Game

Sports Programs for Kids with Autism

Veronica Smith and Stephanie Y Patterson
Foreword by Dr Connie Kasari

Paperback: £15.99 / $24.95

2012, 246mm x 173mm / 10in x 7in, 256pp
ISBN: 978-1-84905-249-8, BIC 2: WS JNSG2 YQW

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Getting into the Game: Sports Programs for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder will help families, clinicians and coaches support children with autism in taking their first steps into sport and recreation.

Participation in individual and team sports plays an important part in children's development and promotes growth in a number of areas. As well as the obvious health benefits, sport also provides the perfect backdrop to teach young people with autism about rules, strategy and teamwork – all invaluable lessons that can be applied to wider society. By detailing six of the most popular sports: cycling, ice skating, swimming, soccer, taekwondo and tennis and including the unique experiences of families of children with autism, it offers all the information, advice and support needed to help get kids with autism engaged in fun and positive sport environments.

This book is an invaluable resource for parents, teachers, coaches and anyone supporting children with autism spectrum disorders in a sport or recreation environment.

Blog posts

The transformative power of swimming for children on the autism spectrum – from Getting into the Game

7 September 2012

"Swimming: What better program for a child on the spectrum? This is a team sport where an individual can benefit the team when they perform well, but doesn't really disadvantage the team if he is having an off day."

Hesitant to enroll your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder in sports? Read on.

24 July 2012

By Veronica Smith and Stephanie Patterson, authors of Getting into the Game: Sports Programs for Kids with Autism. Research into the activity patterns of children with ASD indicate that many of these children are not participating in a sufficient level of physical activity to encourage healthy development. But parents have several very real fears and...

The benefits of sports for kids with ASDs

22 June 2012

By Veronica Smith and Stephanie Patterson - adapted from their new book, Getting into the Game: Sports Programs for Kids with Autism. We interviewed many parents and coaches while collecting information for this book and we became firm believers: participation in sports is great for kids with ASD! Not only is it great for the kids...