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Social Work Reclaimed

Social Work Reclaimed

Innovative Frameworks for Child and Family Social Work Practice

Edited by Steve Goodman and Isabelle Trowler
Foreword by Eileen Munro

Paperback: £22.99 / $36.95

2011, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 176pp
ISBN: 978-1-84905-202-3, BIC 2: JKSN JKSB1

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Reclaiming Social Work (RSW) is a radical new system for delivering child and family social work in the UK. The system was first piloted in the London Borough of Hackney and the model has gained national recognition. At the heart of this innovative system is the endeavour to keep children together with their families.

This book sets out what the Reclaiming Social Work model is, how it was implemented, and how it works. It explains the RSW system of social work 'units' made up of clinicians and therapists and headed by a consultant social worker, and demonstrates how it has worked in practice. The evidence base and theories underlying the model are also explained. Several chapters are written by consultant social workers with extensive experience of working within RSW, which outline the methodological approaches used.

This book on a pioneering new social work model will be of great interest to social work managers, policymakers and academics.

Blog posts

Steve Goodman and Isabelle Trowler to speak at the BASW Social Work Reclaimed Conference – 14th December

9 November 2011

BASW Social Work Reclaimed Conference Transforming Social Work and Social Care in the 21st Century 14th December • London, UK Seen as an example of excellence by Eileen Munro’s recent Review of Child Protection, ‘Reclaiming Social Work’ is one of the most discussed models of practice in recent history. Read an article about the Reclaiming...

An Interview with Steve Goodman and Isabelle Trowler, co-founders of the pioneering Reclaiming Social Work (RSW) model

31 October 2011

"Essentially, RSW frees up social workers to work alongside families to help them change, taking much of the bureaucracy away from social workers. It also acknowledges what a difficult job child and family social work is, particularly in local authority child protection contexts. The Social Work Unit, led by a Consultant Social Worker, brings together a small group of staff to work with families, bringing a range of perspectives and skills to bear on the complex work that needs to be done. It ensures faster work that is more reflective, evidence-based and expert, which achieves good outcomes for children."

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