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Stand Up for Autism

Stand Up for Autism

A Boy, a Dog, and a Prescription for Laughter

Georgina J. Derbyshire

Paperback: £9.99 / $15.95

2010, 216mm x 138mm / 8.5in x 5.5in, 144pp
ISBN: 978-1-84905-099-9, BIC 2: JMC VFJD

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When we tell someone that our child is autistic, the most common response is a sad face and an apologetic look. I hate it when people say "I'm sorry to hear that".

Parenting a child on the autistic spectrum can be tough at the best of times, but few books take the time to celebrate the love and laughter an autistic child can elicit in their parents and those around them. In this warm, honest and laugh-out-loud tale of bringing up Bobby, now ten, Georgina Derbyshire shares and rejoices in his 'slightly different' childhood.

As she outlines momentous events in Bobby's life, from the day he decided he was a dog (continuing life as a canine for a year afterwards), to the time he catapulted an innocent shopper into a mountain of strawberries, Georgina repeatedly challenges the perception of autism as an affliction, maintaining that neurotypical people often make far less sense. Through her light-hearted and hilarious storytelling, she reveals how social codes and psychological games make the neurotypical world a very confusing place to live in, more so than ever if you happen to be a young boy with a passion for rocks, tape measures and trains.

This book is a must for anybody involved in the upbringing of an autistic child, whether they are in search of a little comfort, companionship, light relief - or all three.

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Interview: JKP author Georgina Derbyshire Stands Up for Autism

27 January 2011

"Some things that our children say or do can be especially poignant in certain situations and, quite often, they can say things that are so truthful, we just wouldn’t dare say them ourselves! There shouldn’t be anything sad or embarrassing about situations like these. We should see the humour in it and not feel guilty to laugh out loud. I think it is important to embrace moments like these as we have enough of a hard time and laughing can help redress the balance. Laughter is very good for stress too, so there’s no excuse!"

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