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Trauma, Tragedy, Therapy

Trauma, Tragedy, Therapy

The Arts and Human Suffering

Stephen K. Levine
Foreword by Shaun McNiff

Paperback: £19.99 / $31.95

2009, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 208pp
ISBN: 978-1-84310-512-1, BIC 2: MQTC MMJT HPN

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'This is a brilliant book...those who love to search for meaning in a meaningleess world will find much to ponder on in this book.'

- The Independent Practitioner

'Stephen K. Levine's TRAUMA, TRAGEDY, THERAPY: THE ARTS AND HUMAN SUFFERING provides a powerful exploration of the nature of trauma and how the arts and arts therapies can help...His challeneges popular psychological perspectives on trauma and provides a different framework for arts therapists and psychologists to understand its course and effectiveness. Health libraries strong in psychology will find this a fine pick.'

- The Midwest Book Revies

'Deeply prychological, Stephen Levine goes over being at the bottom of life, chaos, healing, and the human body. Trauma, Tragedy, Therapy is a top pick for addition to arts and psychology collections for community and college libraries.'

- The Midwest Book Reviews

'On the whole, Levine makes an important contribution to the field of trauma study by identifying philosophical problems within the current field of trauma study. He then shows how a new discourse, a new imagination of the problem and of new possibilities, can be created through the expressive arts therapies...What Levine has done with Trauma, Tragedy, Therapy is an enormous gift to the literature on the psychology of trauma, and it lays the foundation for careful and productive new studies.'


'This is a stimulating and challenging book which deserves careful reading by all types of psychological therapist. It will augment the more familiar psychological literature and, perhaps, prompt re-evaluation of clinical practice.'

- Clinical Psychology Forum

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