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Children and Adolescents in Trauma

Children and Adolescents in Trauma

Creative Therapeutic Approaches

Edited by Chris Nicholson, Michael Irwin and Kedar N Dwivedi
Foreword by Peter Wilson

Part of the Community, Culture and Change series

Paperback: £22.99 / $36.95

2010, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 256pp
ISBN: 978-1-84310-437-7, BIC 2: JKSN MQTC JMC

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Children and Adolescents in Trauma presents a variety of creative approaches to working with young people in residential children's homes, secure or psychiatric units, and special schools.

The contributors describe a wide range of approaches, including art therapy and literature, and how creative methods are applied in cases of abuse, trauma, violence, self-harm and identity development. They discuss the impact of abuse and mistreatment upon the mental health of 'looked after' children, drawing links between psychoanalytic theory and practice and the study of literature and the arts.

This indispensable book provides useful insights and a fresh perspective for anyone working with traumatised children and adolescents, including social workers, psychotherapists, arts therapists, psychiatrists, counsellors, psychologists and students in these fields.

Blog posts

Chris Nicholson on Creative Therapeutic Approaches with traumatised young people

30 March 2010

"Through sensitively handled, creative interaction and by the use of ‘creative’ approaches with traumatised young people their characteristic rigidity begins to loosen. New possibilities emerge, the mutative nature of create endeavours. In time, they may be able to see painfully familiar situations in different and helpful ways that can lead to their forming a new response."

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