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Just Schools

Just Schools

A Whole School Approach to Restorative Justice

Belinda Hopkins

Paperback: £24.99 / $42.95

2003, 297mm x 210mm / 11in x 8.5in, 208pp
ISBN: 978-1-84310-132-1, BIC 2: JNC

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Restorative justice is a dynamic and innovative way of dealing with conflict in schools, promoting understanding and healing over assigning blame or dispensing punishment. It can create an ethic of care and justice that makes schools safer and happier, not only through reducing conflict, but also in terms of developing active citizenship skills, good self-esteem, open communication and team work in students.

From a teaching background herself, Belinda Hopkins is at the forefront of the development of restorative justice in the UK, and in this practical handbook she presents a whole school approach to repairing harm using a variety of means including peer mediation, healing circles and conference circles. She provides clear, practical guidance for group sessions and examines issues and ideas relating to practical skill development for facilitators.

Clearly structured and with photocopiable sheets, this book is an excellent resource for teachers, school counsellors and youth workers seeking a more positive and effective way to deal with conflict in educational settings.

Blog posts

Belinda Hopkins on the healing power of Restorative Justice

15 August 2009

"Many people equate justice having been done with the administering of a punishment, and in schools and residential child care contexts a similar expectation prevails, or is believed to prevail. The logic is that if somebody does a bad thing then a bad thing needs to be done to them. [...] A restorative response, with its focus not on blame, punishment and alienation but on repair and re-connection, encourages a wrongdoer to take responsibility for the harm they have caused, and gives them an opportunity to repair the harm..."

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