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Asperger Syndrome, Autism and other Syndromes

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Learning About Friendship

Learning About Friendship

Stories to Support Social Skills Training in Children with Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism

K.I. Al-Ghani
Illustrated by Haitham Al-Ghani

This collection of 10 fully-illustrated stories explores friendship issues encountered by children with ASD aged 4-8 and looks at how they can be overcome successfully. Key areas are addressed, including sharing, taking turns, being a tattletale, obsessions, winning and losing, jealousy, personal space, tact and diplomacy, and defining friendship. more »

2010, Paperback: £12.99/ $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-145-3, 246mm x 173mm / 10in x 7in, 144pp

Keywords: anger management, anxiety, applied behaviour analysis, Asperger syndrome, autism, bullying, challenging behaviour, child development, child psychology, children, communication, education, educational psychology, emotions, families, high functioning autism, inclusive classroom, occupational therapy, parenting, personal hygiene, pervasive developmental disorder, play, relationships, resilience, self esteem, social skills, social stories, special education, speech and language pathology, speech and language therapy

Top Tips for Asperger Students

Top Tips for Asperger Students

How to Get the Most Out of University and College

Rosemary Martin
Illustrated by Caitlin Cooper

Packed with straightforward methods for coping and succeeding away from home, this book focuses on the particular needs of people with Asperger Syndrome, and covers every aspect of student life - from how to get up on time for lectures, to the art of living with other people and attending to the basics of personal health care. more »

2010, Paperback: £9.99/ $17.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-140-8, 216mm x 138mm / 8.5in x 5.5in, 176pp

Keywords: anger management, anxiety, Asperger syndrome, autism, careers, counselling, depression, disability, education, educational psychology, emotions, families, high functioning autism, mental health, nonverbal learning disabilities, occupational therapy, parenting, pastoral care, personal hygiene, psychology, relationships, resilience, self esteem, sensory issues, sex education, sexuality, social care, social skills, special education, teenagers, transitions

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  • Asperger Syndrome, Autism and other Syndromes

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