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Change Happens… Teaching a child with autism to handle a ‘whoops!’

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  Teaching a child with autism to handle a ‘whoops!’ It’s raining and that lovely day at the beach that’s been on the calendar ‘FOREVER’ suddenly isn’t happening. A change of plan seems logical, but may be difficult for the child to accept. They like to know and expect you to stick to the plan.


Vipassana Retreat – a brand new article from the author of Mindful Living with Asperger’s Syndrome

Woodland Sunrise

Vipassana Retreat When trying to make sense of the social world as a person diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome I have often found myself learning social skills through observing those around me, especially non-verbal gestures such as facial expressions and eye contact. This can often leave little scope for exploring one’s own emotions and feelings, such


The Self-Portrait Dance – extract from Anna Halprin

Posted on August 21st, 2014 in Arts therapies, Healing Arts

Learn about the self-portrait dance – An interpretation of oneself through drawings of the individual components of the body. Merging them together allows you to see the image you have of yourself brought about by your subconscious. When combined with dance, the mind and body can connect and begin to raise questions about this image.


Summer Holiday activites for younger children with Autism and other learning difficulties (Day 5).


This one probably requires a trip to the local arts store but will provide hours of possibilities and fun once it’s mixed together. GLOWING WATER In just a few steps we can turn basic tap water into buckets of fluorescent fun. Here’s all you need Water A container NON-TOXIC fluorescent paint Backlight bulb GO! 1.


Drawing your family as animals – activity from How to Get Kids Offline, Outdoors and Connecting with Nature

Posted on August 14th, 2014 in Arts therapies, Parenting

In this extract, you can try several different activities based on drawing family members metaphorically. For the younger children, this may be a case of drawing the family as people and this should still be encouraged despite not being within the guidelines of the activity! Older children may enjoy the chance to be creative by


Attachment, schools and vulnerable children: An interview with Nicola Marshall.


Nicola Marshall is a certified coach, adoptive parent of three, and author of the newly published The Teacher’s Introduction to Attachment. We spoke to her about why she wanted to write a book on attachment for teachers, what she’s learned since starting her own training company for teachers and other school staff, and she shares her number


Summer Holiday activites for younger children with Autism and other learning difficulties (Day 4).


We want to highlight activities that you can do without having to spend any (or that much) money in order to have fun. This game is a perfect example of ‘no-money fun’ that you can have just using everyday household items and a little bit of imagination. MONKEY TOES Primary learning focus Balance, motor planning,


Summer Holiday activites for younger children with Autism and other learning difficulties (Day 3).


For day 3 we turn to those little coloured bricks that are an endless source of fascination for a lot of children on the spectrum. LEGO MY CREATION This one is for parents with two children of a similar age range and here communication is the key. Here’s what you will need Two small containers each holding


Special Educational Needs and Pastoral Education Autumn 2014


Browse our latest collection of titles in special educational needs and pastoral education. For more information on any of the books inside, simply click the title or cover image to view the full book page.


Summer Holiday activites for younger children with Autism and other learning difficulties (Day 2).


For day two in our list of summer holiday activities grab some chalk, go outside and have some fun :-)   Pavement Chalking Aim To practice and improve early literacy skills What you will need Chalk (variety of colours) Draw a circle on the floor and practice taking turns jumping into it. Pavement chalking provides lots of opportunities for practising


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