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VIDEO: Nick Luxmoore reads an excerpt from his new book, ‘Young People, Death and the Unfairness of Everything’

Luxmoore vid still

In his new book, school counsellor, teacher, youth worker, Psychodrama psychotherapist, trainer and author Nick Luxmoore explores the problems that arise when death is not openly discussed with young people and offers invaluable advice about how best to allay concerns without having to pretend that there are easy answers. He covers all of the key


The Therapeutic Milieu Under Fire

The Therapeutic Milieu Under Fire

By John Adlam, Anne Aiyegbusi, Pam Kleinot, Anna Motz and Christopher Scanlon, editors of the new volume, The Therapeutic Milieu Under Fire. What therapy can be offered to people with forensic histories and how might it work? What can we learn about the minds of offenders from observing our own reactions to working with them?


6 Myths about Panic Attacks – by former panic sufferer, Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum

Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum

By Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum, a licensed clinical psychologist, board-certified senior fellow in biofeedback, certified yoga instructor, nutrition coach, and the Director of Feed Your Mind Wellness Programs. A former panic sufferer, Dr. Scheinbaum has practiced mind-body medicine for over 30 years, successfully teaching hundreds of clients to overcome panic. She is the author of the new book, How to


‘Without a life story, a child is adrift, disconnected and vulnerable’ – Dr Bruce Perry on the value and power of the Life Story approach

Book cover: Life Story Therapy with Traumatized Children

By Dr Bruce Perry, adapted from the Foreword to the new book, Life Story Therapy with Traumatized Children, by Richard Rose. A fundamental and permeating strength of humankind is the capacity to form and maintain relationships – the capacity to belong. It is in the context of our clan, community and culture that we are born


Where is mental health diagnosis heading, and where does the DSM IV fall short?

JKP author Peter D. Ladd, PhD

In this article, Dr. Peter Ladd, co-author of the new book, Person-Centered Diagnosis and Treatment in Mental Health: A Model for Empowering Clients, asks some important questions relating to traditional mental health diagnosis, and shares his own thoughts about where he believes it is heading in the future. Does the Semantics found in the DSM IV


Life Story Therapy: Externalising feelings and perceptions through a chronological process

JKP author Richard Rose

Richard Rose, child trauma intervention specialist and author of Life Story Therapy with Traumatized Children: A Model for Practice, shares some of his experiences of using life story work with traumatised children. The unique concept of the life story approach is that it has a defined process: The beginning (stage 1) requires the Therapeutic Worker to


Using PACE to create loving attachments – An Interview with Kim S. Golding and Daniel A. Hughes

Photo: JKP authors Kim Golding and Daniel Hughes

“I think the top tip with regard to playfulness is to embrace the playful moment. These are the moments that hold the relationships together, get us through the tough times and stay with us long after the moment has passed.”


Using Textile Arts and Handcrafts in Therapy with Women – An Interview with Ann Futterman Collier

Photo: "Buba" by textile artist Neta Amir

“Ironically, as my fibre-making skills developed, my clinical skills also developed. I became better at creating relationships and more and more comfortable with using textile as an entryway to connect with women whom I didn’t know. At some point, it became obvious to me that making textiles and clinical psychology didn’t need to be two separate compartments in my life: I realized that I was already integrating the two.”


Dynamic Play Therapy in Action – An Interview with Dennis McCarthy (Part 3)

Illustration from 'A Manual of Dynamic Play Therapy' - a child's monster drawing.

” I hope readers will become less afraid of rocking the boat of authority that urges us to make the child talk in adult terms about what the adult world deems important to them. Rather than having children be obedient patients, I want to encourage us to attempt in our work to foster true self-possession, knowing how very hard it is to achieve. I urge us all to fight the tendency to negate emotion, to negate aggression, to negate anything and everything that pulsates with life and therefore stirs things up.”


Dynamic Play Therapy, Harnessing the power of collapse and renewal – An Interview with Dennis McCarthy (Part 2)

McCarthy cover volcano dragon

“With rare exceptions, the academic and professional world doesn’t support a dynamic approach to play therapy (or often the use of play in therapy at all). There is an ever-greater thrust to pathologize the child and the family and this is often where the therapist/therapy stops: diagnosis leads to stasis. This needn’t be so. We can and should have an understanding of what is going on in the child and in their life, but unless we then engage the child in real play, we have not accomplished much. Children need to be allowed to be children and speak their language not ours.”


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