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Archive for March 2012

“Celebrating Aspergers is celebrating Aspies. Always. In all ways.” An article by author Jennifer Cook O’Toole

Jennifer Cook O'Toole and family

Here, Jennifer Cook O’Toole – “Aspie Mommy” to three young Aspie children and author of the forthcoming book, Asperkids –  shares some thoughts about World Autism Day, celebrated every year on April 2nd. I know there are families whose porch lights will burn blue on World Autism Day. There are some who will wear witty T-shirts, others may sign


Josh Muggleton’s Top Tips for people on the Autism Spectrum – Tip #1: Making Friends

Muggleton - Video - Making Friends

In this new series of videos, Josh Muggleton gives his Top Tips on various subjects for people on the Autism Spectrum. This month, he offers some advice from his own personal experience about how to socialise and make friends. Joshua Muggleton has Asperger Syndrome, and is currently studying Psychology at the University of St Andrews


Teaching Yoga to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders? A Piece of Cake!

Teaching Yoga to Your ASD Pupils - article by Michael Chissick

By Michael Chissick, primary school teacher and qualified yoga instructor, and specialist in teaching yoga to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and author of Frog’s Breathtaking Speech. Exciting New Training Project An exciting new initiative which delivers the benefits of yoga to hundreds of children with autism will be the cherry on the cake. The project


Helping kids on the Autism Spectrum handle setbacks and celebrate successes – An Interview with Francis Musgrave

The Asperger Children's Toolkit

“Kids with High Functioning Autism (HFA) and Aspergers, are very self-aware, and crave social interaction. We work with them to facilitate this, not only to make socialising a rewarding experience but to help them see and remember how it is achieved. It requires constant and persistent reinforcement, but it really pays off. “


How Positive Psychology can help children be happy, confident and successful – An Interview with Jeni Hooper

Photo: JKP author Jeni Hooper

“Professionals and parents want the best for children and need to know how to guide them through childhood. Positive Psychology provides the evidence on which to base decisions. For example, we know that optimism is invaluable to mental health because it encourages people to be hopeful and take good care of themselves. It helps people stave off depression by reframing challenging experiences and it increases people’s overall happiness.”


How to Become a Better Manager in Social Work and Social Care

Posted on March 16th, 2012 in Social work & social care
Book cover: How to Become a Better Manager in Social Work and Social Care

“Like all the managers I know, every day brought challenges for me. I suppose it is one of the reasons we do it, in spite of cursing it sometimes!”


Mediation Matters: Tony Whatling on Training Muslim Mediators in Afghanistan

Posted on March 15th, 2012 in Social work & social care
Tony Whatling with trainees in Kabul.

A personal perspective from Tony Whatling, mediation consultant and trainer, and author of Mediation Skills and Strategies: A Practical Guide. Kabul revisited The flight from Dubai to Afghanistan had taken us over the breathtaking panorama of the majestic snow-capped peaks and deep dark valleys of the Central Highland mountain range, which cover over 160,000 square


“Although fatigue may persist, it can go away” – An interview with Lucie Montpetit

Lucie Montpetit 2

“[This] is not a book about disease but about finding solutions according to different ways of gaining back one’s physical, emotional and psychological energy balance. For many, it is also a path towards empowerment and finding a new meaning in daily activities.”


Therapeutic Gardening for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Special Educational Needs – An Interview with Natasha Etherington

Natasha Etherington

“Getting a child with ASD into a garden has so many benefits, not least that they are given some autonomy outside. The most immediate benefit will be a sense of relief and welcome break from the classroom environment. Whilst gardening, we’re practicing social interaction and life skills, and working with soil and plants helps to reduce tactile defensiveness. Learning basic horticultural skills educates in context, and along the way you will also see an increase in language and communication skills.”


Teaching Theory of Mind – An Interview with Dr. Kirstina Ordetx

Kirstina Ordetx

“When I assign this book to parents, they unanimously say: ‘That’s it! That’s my child!’ It is so exhilarating to understand the core issue and apply strategies that work.”


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