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Archive for April 2011

Social Skills, Emotional Growth and Drama Therapy – An Interview with Dr Lee Chasen

Lee Chasen

“Drama and theatre has historically been portrayed as a mirror to the human condition, raising questions and reflecting aspects of how we understand and relate to ourselves and each other. By holding the mirror of drama up to the mirror of social skills building neuron activity, we illuminate previously obscured angles, empowering a practical as well as metaphorical peripheral vision of sorts.”


Understanding Your Autism Spectrum Disorder – JKP author Penny Kershaw talks about her new workbook for students

Penny Kershaw

“I hope that young people reading this book will learn that autism is primarily a difference and not necessarily always a disorder; there are many positive sides to the autistic thinking style. A diagnosis of autism should enable the young person to develop their awareness both of themselves and others, which should help relationships to develop. Throughout the book, I have tried to explain why neuro-typicals behave in a certain way that should alleviate any anxiety or frustration that the young person may experience.”


Geoff Platt, PhD on Beating Dyspraxia with a Hop, Skip and a Jump

Geoff Platt

Geoff Platt, PhD, has worked as a lecturer in Sport Science for ten years, most recently working as a senior lecturer and course director in Sports Coaching Science and Sports Analysis and Coaching at Kingston University, London. He has lectured on Olympic Solidarity Courses on behalf of the International Olympic Committee and is the Director


Shakespeare behind bars: An Interview with Curt Tofteland, contributor to ‘Performing New Lives’

Performing New Lives - Curt Tofteland interview 2

“My personal passion for continuing this work with the incarcerated is driven by my bearing witness to the transformational awakening of the empathic humanity within inmates who were unaware of the innate goodness that dwelt within them, awaiting discovery.”


JKP attends the 2011 American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Conference in Philadelphia

AOTA logo

The 2011 American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Conference took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia (USA), this year and JKP was pleased to attend as an exhibitor. The exhibit hall was packed with a record crowd of over 6,000 Occupational Therapists and students in attendance. Our booth was busy throughout the conference, with


VIDEO: Red Balloon authors share passages from their new book, ‘Rising Above Bullying’


In these videos, authors Dr Carrie Herbert and Rosemary Hayes read from their new book, Rising Above Bullying: From Despair to Recovery, which tells the stories of eight children who have experienced extreme bullying and then found their way to recovery at a Red Balloon Learner Centre – a place where children can go to continue


The Choices Game: Helping young people make positive choices and stay safe – An Interview with creator Christopher McMaster

Christopher McMaster

“Sometimes we adults make the mistaken assumption that young people have acquired the skills they need to be safe, when these skills often need to be explicitly taught…Rather than hoping for the best, we can prepare our vulnerable youth as well as we can by familiarizing them with some of the risks they may encounter and teaching that they can make choices—empowering them to be able to say ‘No!’ or ‘Stop!’”


Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork for Autism Spectrum Disorders – An Interview with Dr. Virginia Cowen

Virginia Cowen

“A child who displays aversion to touch can be taught how to understand touch—essentially learning to differentiate between normal and painful sensations. I have found that a systematic approach to massage is very important for children with autism spectrum disorders. When they learn what to expect, they are better able to relax and receive massage.”


Lisa Spillane on How Qigong can help children who feel ‘pushed and pulled’ by their emotions

Lisa Spillane

“…it dawned on me how ridiculous it was that even though I’d had this body for so many years and took an interest in health and nutrition, I was unable to confidently point to my spleen, pancreas or liver. I thought to myself that if I’d learned these exercises as a child, not only would I have known more about my body but I’d have been able to help myself in those dark times when I felt pushed and pulled by my emotions.”


JKP attends launch of ‘Creating Children’s Art Games for Emotional Support’ at the new London Art Therapy Centre, London

Art games in action!

We were delighted to attend the launch of JKP author Vicky Barber’s new book Creating Children’s Art Games for Emotional Support this week at the brilliant new London Art Therapy Centre. Vicky was joined by a number of prominent art therapists, including fellow JKP author Marian Liebmann, as well as several of Vicky’s art therapy students –


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