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Archive for March 2011

Toward an independent lifestyle – Karra Barber talks about her new skill-building workbook for teens and young adults on the autism spectrum

Karra Barber

“My son is seventeen and is approaching the age of maturity. In an effort to prepare him toward an independent lifestyle (his goal as well), I knew we needed to build his life and community skills. I wanted him to feel confident in everyday tasks such as buying food, returning an item at the store, going to the bank, washing clothes, using public transportation or making himself a meal…”


Understanding Disorganized Attachment – An Interview with David Shemmings and Yvonne Shemmings

David Shemmings and Yvonne Shemmings

“Although child protection professionals help keep many children safe – and it’s important to remember that the UK has one of the lowest rates of child homicide at the hands of their carers – nevertheless, they sometimes bring the wrong families into the system while missing others – not because they lack skill but as a result of gaps in our knowledge about what leads to maltreatment.”


Breaking Bad Habits in Communication for the Helping Professions

500 Tips for Communicating with the Public

By Maggie Kindred and Michael Kindred, authors of the new book 500 Tips for Communicating with the Public, which addresses the communication challenges that people in the helping professions face in the workplace, covering topics such as managing conflict, assertiveness, feelings, listening and boundaries. It also includes guidance on reflection, supervision, confidentiality and anti-discrimination. We


Rising Above Bullying: Powerful new book from Red Balloon shines light on 15 years of success in recovering bullied children

Rising Above Bullying

“Rising Above Bullying is a book for all those who encounter bullying. For those who are being bullied and their families, for the perpetrators and their families and for teachers and other adults who are in a position of influence. And for the bystanders – those who ‘turn a blind eye’ thinking it is not their business. We all have a shared responsibility to ensure the safety of our children; adults must be proactive in putting a stop to bullying behaviour. This involves doing something if you believe a child is being subjected to unkind and unpleasant treatment.”


Music for Special Kids – An Interview with Music Therapist and JKP author Pamela Ott

Pamela Ott

“Music is a medium that can be non-threatening, encourage participation, encourage attending skills, and encourage stimulation or relaxation. Because of these outcomes and more, music can be used to reach a child that may be hesitant to respond to other forms of communication.”


JKP author Jan Greenman attends the Ambitious About Autism charity launch at the House of Lords, UK

Jan Greenman and her son Luke at the House of Lords

By Jan Greenman, author of Life at the Edge and Beyond: Living with ADHD and Asperger Syndrome. Last year my son Luke spoke to author Nick Hornby’s Treehouse Charity staff, and they were so impressed with him that they asked him to become a Youth Patron for their new Ambitious About Autism charity – watch


JKP attends the NAS Professional Conference 2011

NAS Professional Conference logo

This week, JKP attended the National Autistic Society (NAS) Professional Conference for the first time, and we are pleased to say that it was a resounding success! The theme, “Delivering excellence in times of austerity”, was poignant as the announcement of the new public sector budgets approaches, but the mood of the conference was definitely one of


Street-Based or Detached Youth Work: What it looks like, and why it matters

Posted on March 2nd, 2011 in Social work & social care
Vanessa Rogers

By Vanessa Rogers, youth worker and author of 101 Things to Do on the Street: Games and Resources for Detached, Outreach and Street-Based Youth Work. A uniform definition for ‘detached youth work’ is a topic that has been the subject of hot debate over the years. The term ‘detached work’, reported to have first been heard


Keeping your Grandchild with Special Needs Safe

Photo: JKP author Dr. Charlotte Thompson

By Charlotte E. Thompson, M.D., author of Grandparenting a Child with Special Needs.  It is a great responsibility to care for a grandchild, particularly one with special needs. Keeping any grandchild safe, no matter what age or special problem can be a great challenge. One of the things I did when my children and my


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