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Archive for October 2010

Working with Reluctant Clients in Health and Social Care – an Interview with JKP author Maggie Kindred

Margaret Kindred

“One of the most important messages I would want to give to a newcomer is that your reluctant client will probably never [become a 'willing' client]. Why should s/he? Compliance with you and your rules is a massive victory. If you can rejoice with your clients when they are finally getting rid of you, this is very liberating. Social work and care does not change people’s personality fundamentally, it helps them function.”


Providing Good Care at Night for Older People – An Interview with JKP author Diana Kerr

Posted on October 29th, 2010 in Dementia, Health care, Social work & social care
Diana Kerr

“Night staff have to provide the same level of person centred, individualised care as day staff. Their primary task is seen as the promotion of sleep. This can often mean that they feel compelled to get people back to bed as quickly as possible. Often, however, residents need, time, food, activity, and TLC as well as an opportunity to talk and discuss, particularly their fears and worries.”


‘Guerrilla Mum’ on Making Each Half-Term Count for Students with SEN

Guerrilla Mum

“It is already half term, and the end of the school year seems to be a long way off, as we plunge into a series of cold wet days. However, in terms of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and statements of SEN the school year is approximately one sixth over. This is time we can never get back, and children with SEN need each half term to really count…”


Making mouth and tongue exercises fun for children with delayed speech – An Interview with Karina Hopper

Posted on October 27th, 2010 in Education
Karina Hopper

“As a parent of children who had speech delay, I would have found this book an invaluable resource and many parents I’ve spoken to have said the same. The real appeal is that it is a fun book that children will enjoy, making these exercises an exciting thing to do every day which I think is important.”


‘Organize Your ADD/ADHD Child’ – An interview with JKP author Cheryl Carter

Organize Your ADD/ADHD Child

Cheryl R. Carter is a former special needs teacher and the founder of Organized Kidz, an organization that assists special needs children with organization and study skills. Here, she answers some questions about her new book, Organize Your ADD/ADHD Child: A Practical Guide for Parents. How did this book come about? When I first began


‘The One and Only Sam’ wins a 2010 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award!

Moonbeam Awards

JKP’s The One and Only Sam by Aileen Stalker has won a Silver Medal in the Health Issues category at the 2010 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards! Illustrated by Bob Spencer, The One and Only Sam provides a fresh and fun approach to exploring common idioms for all children aged 5 to 8, as well as those


Inclusion or Specially-Designed Community Programs? How to Choose.

Lisa Jo Rudy

By Lisa Jo Rudy, author of Get out, Explore, and Have Fun! How Families of Children with Autism or Asperger Syndrome Can Get the Most out of Community Activities So you’re ready to get out and have fun with your child with autism – but you’re having understandable qualms. Perhaps you’re worried that your child


Working with Asperger Syndrome in the Classroom – An Interview with former Teaching Assistant and JKP author, Gill D. Ansell

Gill D. Ansell

“As a Teaching Assistant I felt able to work closely with the students with AS; to get to know them as a person; to get to see the world the way they see it and from there develop strategies to help individuals. Sometimes, I tried new strategies which in reality were just ideas I had which I thought could work with a particular individual – that’s why it is important to know the student as an individual.”


ADHD’s Genetic Link: 5 Implications for Organizing ADD/ADHD Children – by Cheryl Carter

Cheryl Carter

“The Lancet medical journal recently revealed that ADHD children have a gene that predisposes them to ADHD. Their “findings provide genetic evidence of an increased rate of large CNVs in individuals with ADHD and suggest that ADHD is not purely a social construct.” In a nutshell, the presence of CNV proves that ADHD is not the result of poor parenting, unstructured environment, too much sugar or a myriad of other reasons. This research proves what many have known all along — that ADHD may run in families. This has far reaching implications for families with ADHD. Given the genetic link, chances are either one or both parents may have ADHD. This has at least five interesting implications for most families, particularly in regard to organization and time management:”


New & Bestselling Titles for World Mental Health Day 2010 – from Jessica Kingsley Publishers

In support of World Mental Health Day on Sunday, 10th October, we’ve pulled together a range of new and bestselling JKP titles for mental health practitioners, support workers, and anyone affected by or concerned with mental health issues. Browse our full catalogue for more related titles.


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