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Video clips from Phoebe Caldwell’s DVD, Autism and Intensive Interaction

We’re very pleased to bring you these clips from Phoebe Caldwell’s latest JKP title!

Autism and Intensive Interaction is a three part film following Phoebe as she works with children who she has never met before and who have been selected because staff find them difficult to engage. Together with Penny Mytton, a teacher at the school where the film takes place, Phoebe demonstrates how, by using the child’s own body language and sounds to create a ‘language’ that they recognise, a ‘conversation’ can be developed with children who are unable to use conventional communicative methods. To give context to the approach, Phoebe explores the nature of sensory difficulties associated with autism with GP Matt Hoghton, Clinical Champion in Learning Disabilities at the Royal College of General Practitioners. 

Clip #1: This trailer will give you an overview of the DVD.


Clip #2:
Watch this DVD clip of Phoebe working with a young man called Olly, who finds it difficult to join group activities and tends to wander about aimlessly. 

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