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Archive for September 2009

David Carson: What can Social Workers do to avoid being criticised – or sued?

Posted on September 15th, 2009 in Health care, Social work & social care
David Carson

“I had asked my social work students what additional topics they would like me to lecture upon. As a law lecturer I had explained how they could be sued for negligence and how easily they, and their evidence, could be misrepresented in court. So I should not have been surprised when they said they wanted to know how to take decisions that would avoid liability…”


Interview with Jan Horwath, author of The Child’s World

Posted on September 15th, 2009 in Education, Psychiatry, Psychology, Social work & social care
Jan Horwath

“For me the biggest challenge is recognising effective practice and, in the same way that we have begun to pay more attention to resilience amongst children and young people, we should be considering what makes for a resilient workforce. Why is it that some practitioners can continue to work effectively with service users when others in the same or similar settings struggle?”


Linda Miller on the ’5P Approach’ to behaviour management for young people with Autism

Linda Miller

“The 5p Approach evolved over several years as a result of my work as a psychologist within schools. I grew increasingly concerned that I was often called in to deal with behaviour difficulties after the event, when a better understanding of autism and the reasons for the behaviour occurring could have prevented many problems arising in the first place…”


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