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Social work, social care, health and criminal justice

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  1.  How to Involve People with Dementia

    How to Involve People with Dementia

    Methods and Approaches for Good Engagement

    Nada Savitch, Rachael Litherland and Steve Milton

    Focusing on the need for people with dementia to be involved with the decisions that affect their quality of life, this book presents creative and innovative methods to help professionals enable involvement. Including ideas that span all aspects of dementia care and services, this book also offers ways to overcome common challenges. Learn More
    Oct 2018, 160pp
  2.  Practical Nutrition and Hydration for Dementia Friendly Mealtimes

    Practical Nutrition and Hydration for Dementia Friendly Mealtimes

    Lee Martin

    Ensuring someone with dementia can maintain their nutritional intake and independence at mealtimes is complex. This book for carers offers a clear breakdown of the eating abilities and meal behaviours that can arise in the care of people with dementia before giving practical information and guidance on how to enhance and support these abilities. Learn More
    Mar 2018, 240pp
  3.  Sensory Modulation

    Sensory Modulation

    Applications for Working with People with Dementia

    Tina Champagne

    Explaining how to modify the Sensory Modulation Program for people with dementia, this practical resource covers assessment of sensory issues to implementation of effective sensory activities. This approach can be used with adults at all stages of dementia, in individual and group settings. Supporting assessment tools are available to download. Learn More
    Mar 2018, 208pp
  4.  Social Exclusion, Compound Trauma and Recovery

    Social Exclusion, Compound Trauma and Recovery

    Applying Psychology, Psychotherapy and PIE to Homelessness and Complex Needs

    Edited by Peter Cockersell

    This timely book provides a framework for practice for professionals developing and running psychologically-informed services to meet the needs of socially excluded people with complex needs. It covers theory and practice from a psychodynamic perspective and provides practical interventions and case studies. Learn More
    Feb 2018, 272pp
  5.  Self-Neglect and Hoarding

    Self-Neglect and Hoarding

    A Guide to Safeguarding and Support

    Deborah Barnett

    Hoarding and self-neglect are estimated to be a factor in 20% of social workers' cases when working with older people or adults with mental health issues. This guide introduces the patterns of self-neglect and how challenging they can be to identify with practical strategies for assessment, intervention and further support. Learn More
    Feb 2018, 224pp
  6.  Relationship-Based Social Work, Second Edition

    Relationship-Based Social Work, Second Edition

    Getting to the Heart of Practice

    Edited by Gillian Ruch, Danielle Turney and Adrian Ward. Foreword by David Howe.

    Updated and revised edition of the highly successful guide to relationship-based practice in social work. It communicates the theory using illustrative case studies and offers a model for practice. This book will be an invaluable textbook for social work students, practitioners on post-qualifying courses and all social work professionals. Learn More
    Feb 2018, 320pp
  7.  Fun Games and Physical Activities to Help Heal Children Who Hurt

    Fun Games and Physical Activities to Help Heal Children Who Hurt

    Get On Your Feet!

    Beth Powell

    Learn how physical activities and therapeutic play can help reshape the brains and bodies of children traumatized by abuse and neglect. Focusing on interactive games that promote positive attachment, the book explores how rhythm and movement are vital to healthy child development, with examples and fun and easy-to-play games. Learn More
    Feb 2018, 176pp
  8.  Yoga for Dementia

    Yoga for Dementia

    A Guide for People with Dementia, Their Families and Caregivers

    Tania Plahay. Foreword by Professor Martin Green OBE.

    With yoga sequences, breathing exercises and meditations, this book shows care home staff and family carers how to use yoga to help people with dementia reduce the negative effects of their symptoms. The programme can be used with both individuals and groups, and can adapted for a range of abilities. Learn More
    Feb 2018, 256pp
  9.  Young Onset Dementia

    Young Onset Dementia

    A Guide to Recognition, Diagnosis and Supporting Individuals with Dementia and Their Families

    Hilda Hayo, Alison Ward and Jacqueline Parkes. Foreword by Wendy Mitchell

    Highlighting the importance of timely recognition and diagnosis of young onset dementia, this book considers the interventions, services and support available to individuals and their families, with practical steps for improving practice. Lived experiences of people with young onset dementia are included alongside learning points. Learn More
    Feb 2018, 192pp
  10.  Protecting Children and Adults from Abuse After Savile

    Protecting Children and Adults from Abuse After Savile

    What Organisations and Institutions Need to Do

    Edited by Marcus Erooga. Foreword by Steve Reeves.

    Written for professionals in safeguarding settings, this book examines what we know about Jimmy Savile's sexual abuse of hundreds of children and vulnerable people over a period of decades. It examines how he got away with it, the impact of the case, and what can be learned by organisations to prevent such abuses from taking place again. Learn More
    Jan 2018, 320pp

Items 1 to 10 of 769 total

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