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Adoption, fostering and parenting

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  1.  He's Always Been My Son

    He's Always Been My Son

    A Mother’s Story about Raising Her Transgender Son

    Janna Barkin

    This true story by a family about raising their transgender son is both a captivating read and an invaluable support source for parents facing similar issues. A warm, insightful portrait of a family that includes tips on helping young transgender people navigate their transition, it will support, educate and inspire. Learn More
    Aug 2017, 208pp
  2.  Innovative Therapeutic Life Story Work

    Innovative Therapeutic Life Story Work

    Developing Trauma-Informed Practice for Working with Children, Adolescents and Young Adults

    Edited by Richard Rose. Foreword by Deborah D. Gray.

    This book explores different ways of carrying out life story work, a method which helps traumatized children question and resolve issues from their past. Using the experience of practitioners based in a range of settings, it provides a useful overview of the latest developments in the field. Learn More
    Jul 2017, 320pp
  3.  Parenting with Theraplay®

    Parenting with Theraplay®

    Understanding Attachment and How to Nurture a Closer Relationship with Your Child

    Vivien Norris and Helen Rodwell, Forewords by Phyllis Booth and Dafna Lender, illustrated by Miranda Smith

    Theraplay® is an attachment-focused model that allows parents to build confidence in their abilities and strengthen their relationship with their child. This book provides an overview of Theraplay based ideas that can be used directly by parents. Illustrative case examples detail these ideas in action. Learn More
    Jul 2017, 208pp
  4.  William Wobbly and the Mysterious Holey Jumper

    William Wobbly and the Mysterious Holey Jumper

    A story about fear and coping

    Sarah Naish and Rosie Jefferies, illustrated by Megan Evans

    Sometimes William Wobbly gets very anxious. When he is anxious he'll often turn to chewing his jumper or hiding under his school desk. But luckily his mum knows how to help cope with those wobbly feelings. This is the perfect story for any child who uses problematic coping mechanisms to deal with fear or anxiety. Learn More
    Jul 2017, 32pp
  5.  Callum Kindly and the Very Weird Child

    Callum Kindly and the Very Weird Child

    A story about sharing your home with a new child

    Sarah Naish and Rosie Jefferies, illustrated by Megan Evans

    Callum Kindly likes living with his mum. When Katie Careful, a very weird child, comes to live with them, Callum struggles to understand why she acts so differently. This story explores difficulties children can experience when a new child comes to live in their home Learn More
    Jul 2017, 32pp
  6. The Gender Agenda

    The Gender Agenda

    A First-Hand Account of How Girls and Boys Are Treated Differently

    Ros Ball and James Millar. Foreword by Marianne Grabrucker.

    Aiming to tackle gender stereotypes head-on, two parents tweeted about the differences they experienced in raising their son and their daughter. What began as an attempt to retain their sanity in a gender obsessed world became a life changing experiment about gender identity presented in this collection of their online writing. Learn More
    Jul 2017, 176pp
  7.  Everyday Parenting with Security and Love

    Everyday Parenting with Security and Love

    Using PACE to Provide Foundations for Attachment

    Kim S. Golding. Foreword by Dan Hughes., illustrated by Alex Barrett

    Beginning Attachments offers parents and carers an introduction to caring for children who struggle to form emotional bonds. It provides an understanding of the challenges faced by these children and offers practical guidance on how to build and foster emotional connections. Learn More
    Jun 2017, 240pp
  8.  Creating Compassionate Foster Care

    Creating Compassionate Foster Care

    Lessons of Hope from Children and Families in Crisis

    Janet C. Mann and Molly Kretchmar-Hendricks, Ph.D., Foreword by Glen Cooper, MA

    Principles of effective foster care are rooted in personal narratives drawn from over 20 years of experience of social care work. With innovative care models and compelling case studies, the authors reflect on current principles and practice, while identifying and recommending the need for change in certain areas. Learn More
    Jun 2017, 256pp
  9.  Self-Control to the Rescue!

    Self-Control to the Rescue!

    Super Powers to Help Kids Through the Tough Stuff in Everyday Life

    Lauren Brukner, illustrated by Apsley

    An illustrated resource packed with strategies and exercises for children aged 4-7 to regulate emotions and overcome the challenges of the most difficult times in a typical day. Simple solutions and guidance can be adapted into any child's daily routine with tips and extra resources for parents and educators. Learn More
    Jun 2017, 112pp
  10.  All You Need Is Love

    All You Need Is Love

    Celebrating Families of All Shapes and Sizes

    Shanni Collins

    A charming celebration of the different kinds of families and relationships. Through colourful images and rhyming stories, the author depicts a range of families and lifestyles all grounded in love and acceptance. With light-hearted humour and positive discussion around diversity, this book promotes a healthy understanding of differences. Learn More
    May 2017, 40pp

Items 1 to 10 of 255 total

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